The Truion story:
From bench to bedside

Fertilization resembles a finely choreographed dance between sperm and egg more than a blind race: Equipped with a unique set of proteins that control behavioral responses, sperm sense chemical and physiological cues provided by the female reproductive tract. This interaction enables sperm to successfully navigate and locate the egg. 

Both sperm proteins and navigational cues are essential for fertilization. Defects in sperm proteins may cause missteps in this dance and, thereby, prevent couples from conceiving.

As part of a scientific workgroup in reproductive physiology, we have contributed to the understanding of the complex interplay of sperm's inventory of proteins with the various navigational cues. 

We founded the "Truion GmbH" to enable couples with fertility disorders to benefit from our unique scientific knowledge and experience.

The Truion team:

Vincent Lucas Fischer

Dr. Christian Schiffer

Dr. Samuel Young

Our scientific advisory board

Dr. Christoph Brenker

Prof. Dr. Timo Strünker

Funding and support